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De-Compress » DeHQX v2.0.1

DeHQX v2.0.1 is an application to decode BinHex 4.0 encoded documents.
It will ignore all headers and comp.binaries.mac part seperators,
handles multiple encoded documents in one file, or split across multiple
files, decode files or folders of files. It runs happily in the background
with little affect on foreground processes. Its not all that fast, so
just drop the files on DeHQX and then ignore it and they will be magically

De-Compress » Stuffit Expander 5.5

You need to use Stuffit Expander 5.5 to expand archived files.

De-Compress » SitExpand

SittExpand is a utility for extracting files from archives created by StuffIt 1.5.1.  It was written by Bill Goodman and is free.

• Requirements •

To run SitExpand, your system must have 155K bytes of free memory and you must be running System File 3.2 or higher.  Furthermore, your system must include software to support the Hierarchical File System (HFS).  All Macs except the Mac 128K and Mac 512K include the HFS software in ROM.  You can install the HD20 INIT to provide HFS for the Mac 128K/512K.

• Limitations •

SitExpand will not extract files from archives which contain more than 200 files and folders, and it will not extract encrypted files.

• Installing SitExpand •

To use SitExpand, place a copy of the application on one of the disks in your Macintosh.  It may be placed in any folder.  If you are using GateKeeper, you should add “SitExpand” to GateKeeper's list of special applications and give it the “File(Other)” privilege. In general, SitExpand  and StuffIt should not be installed on the same system since this may produce confusing results.  If both ARE installed, the StuffIt application may appear with the SitExpand icon or vice versa.  Furthermore, when a StuffIt archive is double-clicked, the Finder may not consistently launch one application in preference to the other.  Typically, the Finder will display the icon of the first application installed and will launch whichever application was most recently moved or launched.

De-Compress » UnZip 2.0.1 for 68k Macintosh

UnZip 2.0.1 for 68k Macintosh. 
UnZip will list, test, or extract files from a ZIP archive, commonly found on MS-DOS systems. The default behavior (with no options) is to extract into the current directory (and subdirectories below it) all files from the specified ZIP archive. 

De-Compress » tar Expander for 68k Macintosh

tar Expander for 68k Macintosh
This program reads and writes tar format archives.  It has been tested against tar running on A/UX (3.0), 4.3 BSD and the GNU tar program (POSIX compatible).  Floppies and tapes can be exchanged with other systems (on Unix, use raw devices).  The tar archive manipulation code is based on John Gilmore's public domain tar program.  Tar is public domain.  The source code is available in a separate StuffIt archive.  The source code was compiled with the MPW 3.2 C compiler.  The resources (tar.r) are in MPW rez format.  It has been tested under MacOS 7.0.1 IIsi.

Note: tar will only archive the data forks of Macintosh files.

De-Compress » StuffItExpander - v 3.5.2 in .hqx for 68 Macintosh

StuffItExpander - v 3.5.2 in .hqx for 68 Macintosh

StuffIt Expander provides users with easy and quick access to virtually any Internet downloads or email attachments. Expander handles all popular compression formats including .zip, .tar, .rar, .sit, .sitx, and more.

De-Compress » StuffItExpander - v 3.5.2 in .hqx for 68 Macintosh

StuffItExpander - v 3.5.2 in .hqx for 68 Macintosh

StuffIt Expander provides users with easy and quick access to virtually any Internet downloads or email attachments. Expander handles all popular compression formats including .zip, .tar, .rar, .sit, .sitx, and more.

De-Compress » MacZip - v 1.04 final - FAT

MacZip is a cross-platform compatible tool that includes both Zip (for compression) and UnZip (for extraction).

Zip is a compression and file packaging utility for Unix, VMS, MSDOS, OS/2, Windows 9x, Windows NT, Atari, Macintosh, Amiga, Acorn RISC OS, and other systems. UnZip unpacks zip archives. The Zip and UnZip programs can process archives produced by PKZIP, and PKZIP and PKUNZIP can work with archives produced by zip. Zip version 2.2 is compatible with PKZIP 2.04.
MacZip requires at least System 7 and a Macintosh with a minimum of a Motorola 68020 or PowerPC 601 processor. Other configurations may work but it is not tested at all. The application is distributed as a fat binary with both regular 68K and native PowerPC versions included. 

De-Compress » MacGzip - v 1.1.1 (gzip 1.2.4)

MacGzip is Jean-loup Gailly's gzip compressor (GNU zip) for the Macintosh, ported to Mac by SPDsoft. (If you have any comment about MacGzip, please send it to me <>, not to Jean-loup Gailly.)

MacGzip requires system 7 or better, and it should work in any Macintosh if you have the correct combination of software and CPU (if you want to know which version of MacGzip you have, choose 'get info' from the finder;  68K and FAT run on any Macintosh (FAT runs native for Power Macs); and the version for Power Mac only runs on Power Macs). MacGzip works better if you have Internet Config installed;

gzip is not an archiver, but a compressor. A compressor makes a compressed file for every plain file; an archiver will make a single compressed file from a set of files/directories. Maybe some day I will try to port GNU tar (the natural archiver to be used with gzip) to Macintosh, but don't rely on this... You should read the files in 'GNU docs' folder…

De-Compress » DropBin for 68 Macintosh

DropBin is a drag and drop utility for automatically binhexing a file. Drop one or more files on this application, or open the files from the application itself, and a progress bar is displayed while the file(s) are processed, creating a binhexed .hqx conversion of each file.

De-Compress » BinHex v5.0

BinHex, short for "binary-to-hexadecimal", is a binary-to-text encoding system that was used on the Mac OS for sending binary files through e-mail. It is similar to Uuencode, but combined both "forks" of the Mac file system together, along with extended file information. BinHexed files take up more space than the original files, but will not be corrupted by non-"8-bit clean" software.

De-Compress » DropBin - v 1.5

DropBin v1.5

DropBin is a slim and trim drag and drop binhexer application. Drop any file or files on the application, and they are automatically binhexed. A great utility for converting your binaries to binhex for uploading to web and FTP spaces.

Bill Catambay - Excalibur Software -

De-Compress » Stuffit Lite 3.6

Stuffit Lite 3.6

Requirements: System 6.0.4 or higher (7.1.1 or higher for drag-n-drop ability)

*Fast Stuffing and UnStuffing
StuffIt Lite 3.6 is accelerated for Power Macintosh. Expansion of files on many platforms is accelerated. StuffIt Lite compresses files an average of 60%, creating a document called an archive. Archives save disk space, speed modem and network file transfers, and make backups easier. StuffIt is the international standard of file compression and archiving on all major online services (including America Online and CompuServe) and thousands of bulletin board systems.

*Drag and Drop Support
StuffIt Lite 3.6 has drag and drop support making compression and expansion easy to perform. To expand a file in a StuffIt archive, the user simply drags the file onto the desktop. A file can be Stuffed by dragging it onto an archive or into an open archive window. (This drag and drop functionality requires System 7.1.1 or higher.) 

De-Compress » ZipIt 1.4

ZipIt 1.4

ZipIt 1.4 is a full-featured Macintosh utility to zip and unzip files. ZipIt allows you to compress files and send them to friends and coworkers working on PCs, Unix machines, or any other platform where the zip compression format is standard, and to unzip any zip file as well. ZipIt is fully compatible with all versions of PKZip, WinZip, and Info-Zip.