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Disk Tools » Apple HD SC Setup 7.3.5 modified

To format a non-Apple SCSI drive, use this modified version of Apple's HD SC Setup 7.3.5

Apple HD SC Setup was a small software utility that was bundled with various versions of the Mac OS made by Apple Computer. Introduced with Apple's first SCSI hard drive, the Hard Disk 20SC in September 1986, Apple HD SC Setup can update drivers and partition and initialize hard disks. It was often used when reinstalling the operating system of an Apple Macintosh computer, or to repair corrupt partition information on a SCSI hard disk. Prior to its introduction, formatting of disks was handled exclusively by the Mac's Finder application, or third party formatting utility software customized for a specific disk drive. 

Disk Tools » Disk Copy v 6.3.3 for System 7

Disk Copy is a utility application that will mount disk images on your desktop, make exact copies of floppy disks from a disk image, convert disk images from one format to another, create a disk image from a mounted volume or individual folder, segment a disk image into separate files, create self-mounting disk images, and create a new blank disk image. Using DiskScripts, AppleScript, and self mounting images, it can be used to automate software installations and disk image manipulation. 

System requirements and supported features

Disk Copy requires System Software 7.0.1 or later and is a “fat binary” for both PowerPC and 68K-based Mac OS compatible computers. Macintosh Application Environment 3.0 Update 4 or later is also supported; A/UX is not supported. Disk Copy features extensive Balloon Help and supports Drag and Drop (requires System Software 7.5 or later), AppleScript, PlainTalk Text-to-Speech, Navigation Services, and DigiSign digital signatures. 

Disk Tools » SCSI Probe 5.1.2

SCSI Probe 5.1.2 - an SCSI harddrive mounter for older external harddrives. Works fine with System 7 and the classic Macintosh HDs.

Disk Tools » Apple Drive Setup for Mac 1.7.3

Drive Setup installs software (called a disk driver) that allows your computer to communicate with the hard disk. Use Drive Setup 1.7.3 to update your disk driver or to reinitialize a disk. When you initialize a disk, all of its contents are erased. IMPORTANT Earlier versions of Drive Setup can reintroduce issues resolved with Drive Setup 1.7.3. This version includes improved reliability for Ultra ATA transfers on G3 Blue and White machines. 

Disk Tools » Hard Disk Utilities 2.38

Disk Utilities — Run this program to format, partition, or test your hard disks.  If you are running System 7, we recommend starting up the Macintosh while holding down the shift key, before doing formatting, partitioning, and testing of disks (to disable extensions that might interfere with the operations). Including: Mounter 1.26, Disk Utilities v 2.38

Plus, SE, SE/30                         - System Software 6.0.5 or later 
II, IIx, IIfx, IIcx, IIci                 - System Software 6.0.5 or later 
Classic, LC, LC II, IIsi               - System Software 6.0.7 or later 
Portable - System Software 6.0.7 or later
Classic II                                  - System Software 7.0.1 or later
PowerBook 100, 140, 145, 170 - System Software 7.0.1 or later
Quadra 700, 900, 950                - System Software 7.0.1 or later

Our Disk Utilities program, system extension, Mounter control panel, and disk drivers are all System 7 compatible. Disks formatted with our Disk Utilities are compatible with A/UX.