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The following pages are an attempt at an HTML reproduction of Apple's flyer about the computer that started it all, the "Apple Computer" (the Apple-1). Here's the magazine advertisement for the Apple 1, from Interface Age magazine, October 1976

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A Little Cassette Board
That Works!

   Unlike many other cassette boards on the marketplace, ours works every time. It plugs directly into the upright connector on the main board and stands only 2" tall. And since it is very fast (1500 bits per second), you can read or write 4K bytes in about 20 seconds. All timing is done in software, which results in crystal controlled accuracy and uniformity from unit to unit.
   Unlike some other cassette interfaces which require an expensive tape recorder, the Apple Cassette Interface works reliably with almost any audio-grade cassette recorder.

   A tape of APPLE BASIC is included free with the Cassette Interface. Apple Basic features immediate error messages and fast execution, and lets you pro- gram in a higher level language immediately and without added cost. Also available now are a dis-assembler and many games, with many software packages, (including a macro assembler) in the works. And since our philosophy is to provide software for our machines free or at minimal cost, you won't be continually paying for access to this growing software library.

   The Apple Computer is in stock at almost all major computer stores. (If your local computer store doesn't carry our products, encourage them or write us direct).
Dealer inquiries invited.

into an
The Apple Cassette Interface
(shown actual size)

  Cassette Interface Card

Apple-1 $666.66
   includes 4K bytes RAM  
Apple Cassette Interface $ 75.00
   BASIC tape included  
Apple 4K Byte RAM $120.00
   expansion memory  
All Apple products are assembled, tested,
and guaranteed to work.
Original Apple Logo
Apple Computer Company · 770 Welch Rd., Palo Alto, CA 94304 · (415) 326-4248



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