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Macintosh Portable Internal SCSI Cable
by Steven M. Schweda

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Macintosh Portable Internal SCSI Cable

The adapter cable described in this document allows a normal SCSI disk drive (with a normal, narrow SCSI, 50-pin connector) to be connected to the 34-pin internal SCSI connector in a Macintosh Portable computer. It allows the original (40MB) disk drive to be replaced by a more readily available (and higher capacity) drive.

Only a low-profile drive will fit in the physical space, and the power requirement for the replacement drive should be fairly close to that of the original drive, to avoid damage to the power supply in the computer.

For example, the power rating for the 80MB Quantum ProDrive ELS (5V 230mA, 12V 135mA) is lower than that of the original 40MB Apple Hard Disk 40SC (Conner CP-3045, 5V 275mA, 12V 250mA). Normally, on the two-row 50-pin connector, odd pins 1-23 and 27-49 are ground, and pin 25 is not connected.

In this adapter cable, the connections 2-47, 6-49, 11-39, and 16-5, are opportunistic grounds, easy to make with paired conductors in the 34-conductor ribbon cable. Attach the 34-pin connector to the ribbon cable last, as this makes it easier to get the cable length correct.


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This is a selfmade SCSI HD cable for the Macintosh portable, by our Forum member DR.Zarkov. Looks wired, but it works!

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