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Amiga 520 TV Modulator For Amiga 500 Seria

The Amiga 520 TV interface provides the connection to send the RGB output of the Amiga's video directly to a TV set. Has TV & video output. This is a television adapter for the Amiga 500. To be able to use a standard television set as a monitor, this device was sold seperately (and packaged with some Amiga 500s). One end plugs into the standard (early) Amiga 23-pin video port, while the other end has a composite RF female port, along with a high-low channel selector. There is also a connector for audio to be mixed in.

Amiga 520 TV Modulator für die Amiga 500

Der TV-Modulator moduliert das Video-Signal des Amiga so, daß man ihn über die Antennenbuchse an einen Fernseher anschließen kann. Außerdem liefert der TV-Modulator ein Composite-Video-Signal, das man mit einem Videorekorder aufnehmen kann. Der Modulator ist funkentstört nach DBP.


Commodore Amiga 520 TV Adapter - both sites

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