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GEOS, an astounding software product line from Berkeley Softworks, breathed new life into Commodore's 8-bit computers (the C64, C128) at a time when sales of 8 bit boxes were beginning to sag. As a graphical operating system, GEOS ripped-off its look-and-feel from the novel Apple Macintosh. Circa 1986, Mac-like gadgets, icons, menus, desktops, and windows were a fresh phenomenon in personal computing. These interfaces made technology much easier to use. With GEOS, your C64 could do more than games. You could actually get work done with it. Or so the theory went.

Welcome to myoldmac.net. I hope you enjoy this page, please leave a message in the Guestbook. Please link this page - click here to find banners.

The Commodore / Amiga related sites are designed in "GEOS V.2.0" style,
Apple related in MacOS style and diverse in ATARI TOS style.

If you have any ideas as to how I can improve the site please e-mail me, as I will see what I can do about it. For the rest of the people that stop by I welcome any feedback from you. I work on this site, so if you find a bug, please use the contact form to let me know. Please include your used System and Browser so i can figure out what happened.

Best regards, , Berlin

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Commodore at myoldmac.net
Commodore Paddles - very rare items !
20 €
Joysticks - Various for ATARI, Commodore, Amiga and others
10 €
C64 - Data Recorder - Datasette
10 €
Simons BASIC Modul + Manual / Handbuch
8 €
Serial Floppy Resetter
7 €
C 64 - XE1541 DATA Transfer Kabel ( C64 <--> PC ) Foto
14 €
10 x 5.25 ZOLL HD DISKs, unused in original package - OVP - Diverse
6 €
AMIGA at myoldmac.net
Amiga A-500 Fast RAM Card
10 €
Amiga 500 AUDIO SAMPLERMODUL, by / von DELA Inc.
5 €
Amiga 520 TV modulator for Amiga 500 seria
15 €
Amiga Workbench v 3.0 + de Manual

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