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Philips / Magnavox Odyssey 2001 -

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Here you can buy a rare Philips / Magnavox Odyssey 2001 console in the original box. Both are in used condition, the console is tested and works well. You need a 9 volt power supply (not included) or you can use batteries. See the photos.

This is an exclusive european version derived from Magnavox pong systems (the Magnavox Odyssey 4000 has the same case), as Philips owned Magnavox at this time. It offers three games in color (Tennis, Hockeu & Squash) via a National Semiconductor chip. There are 6 game variations, automatic speed adjustment and the active player gets highlighted.

There are absolutely no button or switch on this system, all settings are made with the two buttons on the controllers. One button is used to select a game while the other one resets the game. These paddles are very similar to those of the later Odyssey²/Videopac systems, except that they have knobs instead of sticks.

Philips/Magnavox started to export video games in 1974. At first, Odyssey was exported in 1974 in more than ten countries. Later in 1976, Philips released the Philips Odyssey 200 in several countries including Austria and Germany. Finally, the Philips Odyssey 2001 and the Odyssey 2100 were released in 1977 and 1978.

The Odyssey 2001 is nearly same as the Magnavox Odyssey 4000, but it didn't play the same games. Designed around the National Semiconductor MM-57105 chip, it played three games in color: Tennis, Hockey and Squash. Unlike most PONG games, sound came directly from the TV set. The chip delivered color video signals, as opposed to the black and white games of the General Instruments game chips, which could use a special color encoder chip. The game selection was simply done by pressing the button of one of the two controllers, allowing the players to switch from a game to another. The documentation of this console exists in ten languages, although only four foreign patents are shown on the back side of the system. The exact number of countries where this system sold is still unknown. This system is quite common, and Germany seems to be the country where it was most successfull.

Philips / Magnavox Odyssey 2001 - aus dem Jahre 1977 -

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Hier können Sie eine seltenen Philips Odyssey Konsole in der original Verpackung kaufen, die Pong Konsole ist getestet und funktioniert 100%. Die Konsole und die Verpackung zeigen Alters- und Lagerspuren aber alles in allem in gutem Zustand (älter als 20 Jahre...).


The original Box in used condition
Die original Box in Altersbedingtem Zustand

Including the inlay box, the console is softly yellowed due to the age
Beinhaltet auch die inner Kartonschale, die Kosole ist leicht vergilbt aufgrund des Alters

Philips / Magnavox Odyssey 2001

SN 038190


Listing time: ended / Angebotszeit: beendet

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