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Apple Macintosh Adjustable Keyboard M1242

Introduced in 1992, the Apple Adjustable Keyboard was hinged at the top, allowing the user to adjust the angle between the right and left sides of the keyboard. The split came between the following key pairs: 5/6, T/Y, G/H, and B/N. The space bar floated midway between the two parts. It also came with contoured plastic wrist rests.

Other innovations included volume buttons and a record button on the right side of the keyboard and a completely separate (and optional) auxiliary keyboard which could be connected to either end of the main keyboard.

Divided down the middle and hinged at top centre, the keyboard rotates out from the lower corners up to 30°, effectively eliminating ulnar deviation (the angle between the outside edges of hand and forearm). Function keys, numeric keypad, and extended arrow keys are offboard on another module, which lets southpaws place it to the left of the main board. The standard bipartite wristrests make the keyboard look right out of Cronenberg's Naked Lunch, but volume, mute, and record keys let you muzzle your computer at the press of a button, which wouldn't be quite so easy with Clark Nova.

Introduced in 1992. The keys are arranged in a QWERTZ fashion. Original Price: $320 !




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