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Apple II DuoDisk 5.25 Disk Drive - A9M0108

The DuoDisk is essentially two Unidisk 5.25 drives in a single enclosure. It has a beige case and does not have a pass through port because the Apple 5.25 Disk Drive Card only supports two disk drives. The DuoDisk uses a special cable that is completely detachable from the drive, unlike the single UniDisk 5.25 drive, which has a connector that is not detachable from the drive case.


There is a compatibility problem with the DuoDisk and ROM 3 Apple IIgs main logic board. The DuoDisk does not work with the SmartPort because there is some code in the ROM that does not handle the interface to a DuoDisk properly. One workaround is to use the DuoDisk on an interface card like a DuoDisk Interface Card. On ROM 01 IIgs computers, you can connect the DuoDisk directly to the SmartPort or to a drive attached to the SmartPort.

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