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Apple Macintosh Classic

Introduced as the first sub-$1,000 Macintosh ($999) in October 1990. RAM expansion was via a RAM daughter card with two open slots, which could accept a pair of 256 KB or 1 MB SIMMs. This made memory upgrades far easier than on the Plus or SE, since the motherboard didn't have to be removed. One new feature on the Classic was elimination of the brightness knob. Instead brightness was controlled with the Brightness control panel.

A feature unique to the Classic is the ability to boot from ROM by holding down command-option-x-o at startup. The ROM Disk is called "Boot Disk" and is 357K in size. The ROM Disk uses Finder 6.1.x and System 6.0.3 - this combination is specifically designed for the Classic. The Classic was the last Mac to use the 8 MHz 68000 CPU.

* introduced 1990.10.15 at $999 discontinued 1992.09.14
* requires System 6.0.7 to 7.5.5
* CPU: 8 MHz 68000
* performance: 1.0, relative to SE; 0.37, MacBench 2.0
* ROM: 512 KB
* RAM: 1 MB, expandable to 4 MB (installed)
* 9" b&w screen, 512x342 pixels
* ADB ports for keyboard and mouse
* DIN-8 serial ports on back of computer
* DB-25 SCSI connector on back of computer
* floppy: 1.4 MB double sided
* floppy connector on back of computer
* weight: 16 lb.
* Gestalt ID: 17
* addressing: 24-bit only
* battery: 3.6V lithium

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