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Apple Macintosh ImageWriter II Printer

The ImageWriter II came in two models. The older and heavier model A9M0310 (white) or A9M0320 (gray) and the newer model G0010 (C0090LL/A or C009011/A). They both perform and look identical; however some case parts are not interchangeable.

Both accept the same AppleTalk add-on card and the ribbons and print heads are the same. The ImageWriter II is compatible with every Macintosh with a serial printer port, going back to the original Macintosh. It is also compatible with every model in the Apple II line, the Lisa 2 (Macintosh XL), and even the very rare Apple III.

The ImageWriter was a main staple of printing from the Macintosh for a long time. Classic Macs need a classic printer to accompany them. With an Apple ImageWriter printer attached to your Macintosh, you can get printed copies of your work. With most computers ( in1984) what you see on the screen and what you get from the printer look very different. With Macintosh, what you see is what you get. MacWrite produced exactly this, while Microsoft Word did not (it bent the rules a bit). It's ideal for printing on continuous-feed paper, such as payroll checks or preprinted forms. The ImageWriter II color printing feature requires an ImageWriter II Color Ribbon and color-compatible software (Canvas and SuperPaint for instance). When the ImageWriter was introduced it cost $545, the ImageWriter II was introduced at a cost of $595.

The ImageWriter II is designed to use track paper that is fed through a slit on the back. It has the ability to feed regular sheets of paper, but this requires a special feeder attachment called an ImageWriter II SheetFeeder. Regular paper can be used without the SheetFeeder, but must be feed in one at a time. The ImageWriter II can also be used to print labels and envelopes.

Although the ImageWriter II is no longer being produced, millions of them were made and are still a common sight in schools. It is not uncommon to see an iMac equipped with ethernet operating next to a classic Mac with an ImageWriter II. Some ImageWriter IIs have been in continuous service for 15 years. These machines were built to last a very long time.

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