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Here you can buy one of my offered books. Before you buy, please read the Selling Rules. If you have questiones please contact me by E-mail. Please note: The shipping costs are NOT included in the item price and have to be added to the book price to be the total price.

Shipping costs
- please do not include in you bid

  • De: 3,00 (unversichert *) oder 8,00 (versichert, bis 5 Kilo)
  • EU: 6,50 uninsured* or 18,00 (EU + Swiss, insured, max 5 Kilo)
  • USA, Africa: 23,00 uninsured* or - 35,00 Euro (insured, max 10 Kilo)
  • Asia and other: 23,00 uninsured* or 40,00 Euro (insured, max 10 Kilo)
English Books
Apple Il - Apple BASIC Programming Reference Manual. Including the Quickguide - See the Overview. The book has some notes and water bloches inside.
15 €
Apple IIe - 80 Column Text Card Manual, see the Index
10 €
Apple IIe - Extended 80 Column TextCard Supplement - Index (60 pages)
10 €
Apple //c ImageWriter Manual - English, early red version
20 €
MacFlow - Manual
10 €
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