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World´s first Mac System 6 Screensaver for Win and Mac...
The portable8 Screen Saver Project
by Yasunori Yoshida - www.portable8.com - Japan

I found this by a note from a WebSE user, telling me something about a Screen Saver that simulates a System 6.0. Now available for Mac and PC platform - really - it´s amazing.

I installed the Screen Saver on a Windows computer running the security hole NR #1 - WindowsXP. I will not unhide all surprises, but i don´t tell too much if i say: you get a wonderful Screen saver, simulating System 6.0.2 - the original Macintosh Plus operating system. Don´t worry, it doesn´t connect to the Internet and it doesn´t crashes your Computer. Otherwise tell me about it.

Some Screenshots:

The booting Screen Saver


The System 6 control panel


Netscape 3 simulation

with a faked online access to portable8.com

To download, please click the following link:

System 6.0 Screen saver for Mac OS 8, 9 and X (international)

MacOS 8 & 9 Sys_6_SSaver_MacOS_8-9.sit
MacOS X Sys_6_SSaver_MacOS_X.sit

System 6.0 Screen saver for Win98, 2000, NT and XP.

English: System_6_ScreenSaver_WinXP_e.zip
Japanese: System_6_ScreenSaver_WinXP_j.zip
German: System_6_ScreenSaver_WinXP_g.zip

Have a look to creator Yasunori Yoshida´s page - portable8.com

Release Mac OS 8.1 and 8.5 for free Petition, take a look, and consider signing yourself.


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