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Oliver Soehlke & Lukas Pajonczek, translated by Yuki Nakata from

The WebSE is a homage to the most innovative system in computer history. The official release date for System 7.0 was April 1991 in the US and June 1991 in Europe. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Macintosh computer, we published the WebSE on-line - on January, 24. 2004. This Internet version is not ROM-based and only a graphic replica of the original Apple Macintosh SE system version 7.0. The WebSE offers a simulation of System 7 on a Macintosh SE or MacPlus natural 1 Bit display, with some extensions and some limitations. Do not take this to serious. If you are interested: see the country statistic of WebSE users. Sign up to our News List.

To boot the WebSE, click the following link

Test drive a Macintosh

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Thanks to Marcin Wichary for the scan.

Download our "Memory System 7" puzzle game !
Memory System 7 - remember the classic ICONS by Susan Kare?

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