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Rubik´s Fifteen (aka: XV) -

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Here you can buy an original Rubik's Fifteen in good condition, actually unsoved (View the photos) The game consists of two puzzles, one at each side of the box. The tiles are moved by push buttons from 2 sides of the box. Most of push buttons move a column or row of tiles. One of the push buttons moves 3 rows of tiles all at once. No tile can be moved on its own. Note that these are independent puzzles. Do not try to complete both at the same time.

11,381,997,699,072,000 combinations - 1 solution

The puzzle was patented by Ernö Rubik on 18 September 1984, US 4,471,959, but there is an earlier Hungarian patent from 1 September 1980, HU2154/80. Rubik's Fifteen is inspired on the 15 Puzzle, which was invented in the late 1870s by Sam Loyd. A related but much more difficult puzzle is 'It' / Tsukuda's Square. Rubik's Fifteen is easier, because it has more levers and therefore less restrictive movement of the tiles.

  • To solve the front side puzzle the Roman numerals have to be arranged in sequence with the * filling the last window in the corner of a 4 x 4 grid.
  • To solve the reverse side puzzle, the numerals have to form "Magic Square" of 15. That is to say the sum total of the numbers in each row, each column and each diagonal have to add up to exactly 15. Do not try to complete both at the same time.

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The number of positions on Rubiks Fifteen:

Assume the levers are in one particular position. There are 17 tiles, so there are at most 17! positions. This limit is not reached because only even permutations of the tiles are possible. This leaves 17!/2 = 177,843,714,048,000 positions for any particular position of the levers. There are 6 levers with 2 possible states each, so there are 26 possible lever positions. There are therefore 17!·25 = 11,381,997,699,072,000 positions all together.

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Rubiks Fifteen (aka: XV) -

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Rubik´s Fifteen, seltenes Mindgame, auch als XV bekannt. Vom Erfinder des Zauberwürfels, Erno Rubik.

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Rubik´s Fifteen, unsolved - in good condition



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