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Rubik's Illusion - 2 Player Game - Good Condition -

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Here you can buy an ultra rare Rubiks Illusion, a Strategy game for 2 players. Publisher: Matchbox, 1989. Complete with the multilanguage game instructions. Good condition. Measures 2 1/4" x 2 1/4"

  • Two-player abstract strategy board game;
  • The board is constructed as eight playing spaces wide, by four real playing spaces deep, with a mirror at the far edge of the board making the total depth of play eight spaces.

The game board has 64 cases; 32 physical and 32 "virtual" (due to a perpendicularly attached mirror). Players take turns to place, move or turn color pieces. Some pieces will reflect the opponent's color in the mirror, these pieces change color with a 180 degree turn. To win, a player must form a line of 5 pieces of his/her color (straight or diagonally, on the physical board, in the mirror or across the mirror).

Download Rubiks Illusion game instruction manual here.

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Rubik's Illusion - Brett Strategiespiel für 2 Spieler, 1989 -

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Das seltene Rubiks Illusion, komplett in sehr gutem Zustand. Sehen Sie die Photos. Die Spielanweisungen sind enthalten. Dieses Brettspiel ist für 2 Personen!

Downloaden Sie das Rubiks Illusion Spiel Anleitung hier.


Rubiks Illusion, Matchbox 1989 - in good condition
Rubiks Illusion, Matchbox 1989 - in gutem Zustand

Complete with game instructions, mirror is unscratched in good condition
Komplett mit Spielanleitung, Spiegel ist unzerkratzt in gutem Zustand



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