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Rubiks Magic Rings by Professor Ernö Rubik -

Here you find other vintage computer collectors items.

Here you can buy an original Rubik's Magic, a mechanical puzzle invented by the Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Erno Rubik and first manufactured by Matchbox in the mid-1980s. This is an 1980s original in great condition. Please see the photos.

This amazing puzzle consists of 8 tiles arranged in a 2×4 rectangle. They are connected to each other by wires that run in diagonal grooves on the tiles alternatively under and over them. If two of the tiles lie on top of each other, the wires allow them to be unfolded in two perpendicular directions provided connections to the other tiles do not restrict the movements. The kind of wire arrangement can also be found in certain wallets which can be opened in two different directions because of the ribbons connecting the two halves. Ernö Rubik was granted a US patent on 11 August 1987 (US 4,685,680), but there is an earlier Hungarian patent (19 Mar 1985, HU 1211/85).

On one side of the tiles is a picture of three separate rings. On the other side is a mixed up picture of three linked rings. The aim is to link the rings by unscrambling this other side. When solved, its shape is a 3×3 square with one corner missing.

The original version of Rubik's Magic is black with rainbow coloured rings, and was made by Matchbox in the mid-eighties. Rubik has recently released it again, this time manufactured by Oddzon, but now it is red with yellow rings. In 1987 there was also a Master Edition which has 2×6 silver coloured tiles and has 5 rings on each side, but there the rings must be unlinked. One quite rare version of Rubik's Magic was 'Create the Cube', in which the 8 tiles where coloured differently, and the aim was to make the cube shape so that the colours matched.

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Rubiks Magic Rings von Professor Ernö Rubik -

Hier finden Sie meine anderen Computer Sammlerstücke.

Hier können Sie die original Rubiks Magic Rings erwerben - die Originalausgabe von Matchbox in einem super Zustand.

Rubik's Magic ist ein Klappspiel für eine Person, bei dem man ein Rechteck aus 8=4x2 Quadraten durch eine Folge von Klappungen in ein Sechseck in Herzform verwandeln soll. Dabei müssen sich drei freie Ringe auf der Vorderseite in drei ineinander verschlungene Ringe auf der Rückseite verwandeln. Das erste Magic von Matchbox aus den achtziger Jahren ist schwarz und hat die gleichen Ringe, ist allerdings schöner wegen der Regenbogenfarben.

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Original Rubiks Magic Rings, 1980s! Early Matchbox version, soved
Original Rubiks Magic Rings, 1980er seltene erste Matchbox Version


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Here you find other vintage computer collectors items.

Hier finden Sie meine anderen Computer Sammlerstücke.

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