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Mac II High-Resolution Video Card - BCGM0322

The Macintosh II High-Resolution Display Video Card is the cost-reduced replacement for the previous 4- and 8-bit Macintosh II Video Card (M0211 and M5640). This new card is sold in 4- and 8-bit configurations (M0322 and M0324, respectively). This new release is fully compatible with the previous card when used with Apple's video drivers, monitors, and cable. Applications that make direct hardware calls may not work with the revised card. Also, third-party video cables may need to be changed. See the photo.

New Features

The following minor features were added to the card. They should not have a major impact on the typical use of these cards.

1. Monitor Type Detection
At startup, the High-Resolution Display Video Card senses the monitor type by sensing a previously unused signal line: pin 4 in the D-15 video connector (Note: Some third-party cables may not be wired correctly to support this detection scheme.)

2. New Driver Level Control of RS-170 RGB Video
The card supports two RGB interlaced video resolutions:

- 512 by 384 pixel (default mode) and
- 640 by 480 pixels

To select the higher resolution, the system needs the new Monitor CDEV and Slot Manager supplied with the 32-bit QuickDraw, plus the correct cable configuration (see item 1). Selection is made by choosing the monitor icon (highlighted borders) connected to the Macintosh II High-Resolution Video Card and clicking on the Options button. A dialog box will appear with the options. In addition, the card only produces RGB interlaced video in the 4- and 8-bit mode.

3. Enhanced Firmware
In addition to the scanning modes mentioned above, the card supports uncorrected gamma, has an integrated gamma directory, and implements a new set of driver calls to support these new features.

Check here the compatiblity of your system for this card.

Mac II High-Resolution Video Card - BCGM0322

Die Mac II High-Resolution Video Card (NuBus, 256 Farben). Die Karte ist getestet und funktioniert. Mehr (englische) technische Details.

- 512 x 384 pixel (default mode) und
- 640 x 480 pixel

Überprüfen Sie die Kompatiblität mit Ihrem System hier.


Mac II High-Resolution Video card, no driver needed - plug and play! BCGM0322

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