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Macintosh IIsi - Classic Design Curves...

The IIsi shares some features with the SE/30, the LC series, and the Mac II series. Like the SE/30, it has a 68030 PDS for expansion. Like the LC, it has no built-in NuBus slot, is quite short, and has a curved front. But with an adapter (not included in this auction), the PDS can be converted to a NuBus slot, making it a legitimate member of the Mac II family. You can buy a suitable display here.

Although the IIsi was marketed as a 20 MHz computer, users quickly discovered it used parts rated at 25 MHz. (Apple had intended it as a 25 MHz computer, but chose to scale back the speed to avoid cutting into IIci sales.) Chipping the IIsi to 25 MHz -- or even 28 MHz -- is not unusual.

Along with the LC, the IIsi was one of the first Macs with audio input. You can do a lot with a IIsi. I know of a Mac IIsi being used as a server for an ethernet network, another being used to play kids games, and there are even some where I live being used for QuarkXPress and Illustrator.

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