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Rubiks Pocket Cube 2x2x2 by Professor Ernö Rubik

Here you can buy an original Rubiks Poket Cube (2x2) from the 1980th sold by ITC in the USA, made in Taiwan. This Rubik's cube rotates smoothly - it has a few little scratches - but altogether is in good condition, see the photos. This item would make a tremendous gift for or would be a fantastic addition to any collection - get this excellent piece here for a great price! The original cube is a collectors item and has found its way to the actual MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York! Photo of the Cube at MoMA in N.Y. CITY, USA - © 2005

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3,674,160 combinations - 1 solution (info)

The pocket cube was patented by Ernö Rubik on 29 March 1983, US 4,378,117. This puzzle is a simpler version of the Rubik's Cube. It goes under various names, such as Mini Cube and Pocket Cube. The puzzle is built from 8 smaller cubes, i.e. a 2×2×2 cube. Each face can rotate, which rearranges the 4 small cubes at that face. The six sides of the puzzle are coloured, so every small cube shows three colours. This puzzle is equivalent to just the corners of the normal Rubik's cube. It is a little confusing though, because there are no face centres to use as a reference point.

It is the little brother of the world's best selling original, Rubik's Cube. Although its pocket size is less intimidating in appearance, it still provides a perplexing challenge. This Rubik's Cube is the very special, 2 x 2 cube puzzle with each side a solid color when you receive it. Rubik's Mini Cube offers the same geometric and logical skills building as its larger sibling. Erno Rubik and his famous Rubik Cubes have fascinated puzzle fans around the world since 1980. Nearly one in every five people in the world has twisted, jumbled and enjoyed this immensly popular puzzle.

Rubik and his Cube

The Rubiks Cube at MoMA - New York

Many similar puzzles were released shortly after the Rubik's Cube, both from Rubik himself and from other sources, including the Rubik's Revenge, a 4×4×4 version of the Rubik's Cube. There are also 5×5×5 cubes (known as the Rubik's Professor, respectively), and puzzles in other shapes, such as the Pyraminx, a tetrahedron. Why you should not buy a cheap cube clone ? The quality is mostly bad and the cube will be defect after a few hours of playing. Have a look here, I played around 4 hours with this clone cube before it broke.

The number of positions:
There are 8 pieces, with 3 orientations each, giving a maximum of 8!·38 positions. This limit is not reached because:

The total twist of the cubes is fixed (3)
the orientation of the puzzle does not matter (24)

This leaves 7!·36 = 3,674,160 positions.

Every position can be solved in at most 11 moves (or 14 if a half turn is considered to be two moves). Many people have used a computer search to find God's Algorithm, i.e. the shortest solution for each position, as far back as 1981.

Rubiks Pocket Cube 2x2x2 / Zauberwürfe von Professor Ernö Rubik

Kaufen Sie einen original Rubiks Pocket Cube aus den 1980er Jahren. Der Cube ist in gutem Zustand (siehe Photo des Cubes). Der Rubiks Cube hat es schon in die aktuelle MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York geschafft, sehen Sie hier ein Photo des MoMA Cubes.

Das Original. Bei diesem Artikel besonders wichtig, da durch das häufige Drehen die Buchsen stark beansprucht werden. Der Zauberwürfel fördert das räumliche Vorstellungsvermögen und das strategische Denken. Dieses Spielzeug fordert den Mathematikprofessor genauso wie begabte Kinder!

Was ist der Zauberwürfel?
Der Zauberwürfel ist ein Denkspiel / ein Drehpuzzle in Würfelform. Er heißt auch Magic Cube oder nach seinem Erfinder Rubik's Cube.


Original Rubiks Pocket Cube - 1980th - for sale! Early version with Logo.
Original Rubiks Cube - 1980er - zum Verkauf. Seltene Version mit Logo.

The Rubiks Cube in the actual MoMA Collection in New York (not for sell...)
Der Rubiks´s Cube im MoMA in New York (Steht nicht zum Verkauf)

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  • Asia and other: 40,00 Euro (insured, max 10 Kilo)

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